The Orange Sapphire is a self-love self-care Sistahood brand.

We believe that sisterhood is essential and that all women matter. We are women empowering women. We are crucial to each other and what we say and feel matters.

A sister can be your biological sister, but she can also be a long high school friend. It can even be someone you met through a social media connection.

A sister is there for you on the days that you aren't there for yourself. She uplifts you she sees the passion for greatness in you.

She supports you when you don't even support yourself. She never leaves your side, she is an ear when you have nothing left to do but cry and scream just to get it all out.

She listens and gives you great advice.

Being supported is a big part of sisterhood. You know your sisters have your back, which allows you to walk in your purpose more easily, and become the Queen you are destined to be.

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